About us

About us


A history of 20 years immersed in a constant process of continuous improvement of management and consistency in the application of ethical business principles has allowed us to position ourselves in the market place with the greatest asset a company can expect a committed internal team and a portfolio of satisfied customers. Combining commitment of the work team, continuous improvement of processes, command of lastest generation technology and business ethics, the causality principle is present and the client satisfaction guaranteed.


Mision – Vision – Values


  • Provide automatic opening systems according to our clients’ requirements.
  • Advise with intellectual and commercial honesty, suggesting the best solution for each situation.
  • In existing systems, advise and suggest technical and economical solutions according to the operation needs with the maximum flexibility.
  • Develop our desings in a constant way, achieving the economy provided by standarization, preserving the maximum flexibility in order to adapt ourselves to each need.
  • Permanently develop and consolidate a business culture in all the members of our business, aiming to the correct business behaviour, obtaining as a result of this continuous process the confidence of our clients, maximum intangible that secures harmonious, long-lasting relations of friendship and confidence.
  • Constantly develop and strengthen our team work devoted to new installations, specially attending the technical solvency and wit that allow to attend with flexibility our clients’ needs, without restricting to specific designs and handling a multiplicity of technical solutions for each case.
  • Maintain an actualised showroom that allows our clients to appreciate the different types of operating equipment.

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